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Eloise Singer is a multi-award-winning director, writer, and producer, and the founder of Singer Studios. Her work has been showcased at renowned festivals worldwide, including Venice, London Film Festival, SXSW, Sheffield, Tribeca, and Sundance: London.

Notably, Eloise executive produced Billie Piper’s breakout debut film, ‘Rare Beasts,’ and Universal’s ‘The Last Rifleman’ starring Pierce Brosnan. She went on to direct and executive produce the critically acclaimed VR game ‘Mrs. Benz,’ which premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2022. Her latest project, ‘The Pirate Queen with Lucy Liu,’ supported by BFI, Meta, and Epic Games, won the Tribeca Storyscapes Award and the Raindance Discovery Award. It was released on Meta Quest in 2024.



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The Art of Cinematic Storytelling in Video Games

4:00pm - 4:45pm
Room 1

Exploring the craft of cinematic storytelling in video games, multi-award-winning writer and director Eloise Singer will draw upon her experience as a filmmaker and creative director to share her insights into creating compelling story worlds within games.

Eloise will discuss how her background in filmmaking has been creatively significant when developing narrative games. She will also offer insights into creating strong narratives and attaching talent to your game.

Eloise’s latest project, the VR narrative adventure ‘The Pirate Queen with Lucy Liu,’ supported by BFI, Meta, and Epic Games, won the Tribeca Storyscapes Award and the Raindance Discovery Award, and was released on Meta Quest in 2024. The award-winning game featured a writers’ room before the development of the game’s mechanics, resulting in an immersive experience centred around a compelling true story of an otherwise little-known historical figure.

Eloise will share her insights into the impact of this approach, how to create compelling characters, and what you can do to improve your dialogue to help an actor’s performance.

Additionally, Eloise will explore practical techniques for integrating cinematic storytelling into video game narrative design and recognising how creative obstacles can become opportunities.

Session Takeaway

  • Discover strategies for integrating cinematic storytelling techniques into video game narrative design.
  • Understand how to create engaging dialogue to develop well-rounded characters.
  • Learn the importance of attaching talent to your game and how it can enhance storytelling.
  • Recognise where creative obstacles can actually lead to creative opportunities.
  • Develop practical techniques for creating compelling characters within video game narratives.

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