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As the UK Instructor for Epic Games, Edward Bennett develops Unreal Engine and UEFN courses, focusing on editor tools, procedural generation, and virtual production. With an eye on Epic’s latest innovations, he continues to expand his Unreal Engine generalist knowledge, and is also skilled in Blender and Houdini.

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Future-Proofing Game Dev: Upcoming Trends & Strategies

This talk focuses on future trends in gaming, ensuring your career and game are prepared for what's ahead.
The talk will cover:
- Shift towards procedural generation (PCG) in game development.
- Increasing interconnectivity of IPs, with game assets used in virtual production and more.
- Exploding demand for content and supporting tools.
- Verse and why it will be important in a metaverse age and why they should consider learning it.
- Advantages of publishing to Unreal Engine's Fortnite (UEFN) for visibility and leveraging platform work.

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