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Edric Tse, Chief Product Officer at Neopets, boasts nearly two decades of experience in entertainment projects, including desktop and mobile games, eSports, and AR/VR games. Previously, he was Director of Product Development at NetDragon, contributing to its success in online gaming. Edric has CGI animated film production expertise, working on projects like "Astroboy" and "TMNT." As a creator of homegrown games, he has released five mobile games with over 500,000 downloads. Notably, one of his games topped the Hong Kong App Store, and another was featured by Apple. Edric continues to share his gaming passion globally.

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Neopets at 25: Game IP Evolution and Building Multi-dimensional Experiences

5:00pm - 5:45pm
Room 2

Neopets has been a household name since the 90's with 150 million players worldwide, and has made significant advancements to modernize the brand since its restructuring to World of Neopets in July 2023. In this session, Neopets Edric Tse will reflect on the game’s 25-year journey and share its long-term roadmap which includes engaging with global partners, game and story plot developments, and they are set to roll out more mobile games, whilst making Neopets.com more mobile-friendly.

Edric will share insights into Neopets’ recent priorities such as engaging with global partners and spearheading their community engagement to re-engage with former players and explore ways to connect with new players. He can delve into the challenges and opportunities within the competitive gaming landscape, emphasizing the significant role of nostalgia and community engagement in Neopets' recent revival. This recognition of the community's attachment to the game's legacy has been instrumental in shaping Neopets' strategy and goal in becoming an entertainment brand moving forward. 

Session Takeaway

  • Strategies for leveraging nostalgia as a tool for success in gaming
  • Insights into acquiring and retaining users in a competitive gaming landscape
  • Arrange a portfolio of continuous virtual and in-person activities to foster a strong, vibrant, and multidimensional community.
  • Discover a new way to revitalize an IP through community engagement

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