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David Solari

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David brings over 25 years experience in games development, marketing and studio operations holding roles like Chief Marketing Officer at Jagex and VP Online Studios at Codemasters. David is a proven leader and team builder who has further helped drive Pixel Toys huge growth over the past few years before launching Soul Assembly in April 2022.  Since then Soul Assembly has launched Games for the Meta Quest and Apple Vision Pro, and enjoyed recent sales success with the top performing mixed reality title The Cabin: Home Invasion.

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How to Make Money in XR - 10 Tips for Success

12:15pm - 1:00pm
Room 3

What to expect:

  • Learn from the best: Gain insights from David's extensive experience in traditional and XR game development.
  • Master the XR: Understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by AR and VR compared to "pancake" games.
  • Become market savvy: Analyze successful VR/AR titles to identify winning genres, price points, and features.
  • Embrace interactivity: Explore innovative interaction mechanics used in games like Walking Dead and Gorilla Tag.
  • Craft remarkable experiences: Leverage VR/AR tech to create unique and unforgettable gameplay moments.
  • Fuel your marketing engine: Discover social media strategies, targeted advertising, and impactful campaigns to reach your audience.
  • Build for stability: Ensure a smooth and seamless experience with rock-solid performance and intuitive controls.
  • Passion is key: Find a project that fuels your creative fire and leverages your expertise.
  • Forge powerful partnerships: Learn how to build strong relationships with key players in the XR ecosystem.
  • Market like a pro: Optimize your marketing spend for maximum impact and trackable results.

Session Takeaway

  • Make something that's better in XR
  • Make something there is an audience for
  • Market it in the right way

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