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An original creative leader of Club Penguin, the world’s largest virtual world for kids, Charity Joy helped propel the game from start-up to over 300 million global users. Following Club Penguin’s acquisition by Disney, Charity worked with Disney to develop immersive digital and in-person experiences for over a decade.

Since then, Charity has been instrumental in starting successful technology, healthcare, and even micro-brewing businesses. She’s worked alongside the world’s most innovative teams including Pixar, Lucasfilm, Disney Imagineering, Marvel, Lenovo, and the UFC. She currently leads Electronic Art's UK-based Criterion Studio as GM, with teams working on Need for Speed and Battlefield. 

Charity has an educational background in Theatre, Sport Management, and an Executive MBA. She has also studied clown, circus arts, and comedy, and is an amateur poet, songwriter, author, and stand-up comic, and hopes to one day live in a treehouse.

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The Art of Leading Leaders

11:00am - 11:45am
Room 3

Executives and senior leaders are required to manage people who are experts in their respective fields, bringing together a variety of diverse (and often conflicting) points of view, and enabling them to output the highest quality work collaboratively. 

This is no small feat. And not something most leaders are explicitly trained to do.

In this session, we’ll explore six key competencies that will allow you to confidently lead people who know more than you, in ways that empower everyone to succeed.

Session Takeaway

Learn how to:

  • Use Trust as a framework for feedback and management
  • Ask the right questions to unlock your team’s full potential
  • Understand how small tweaks in your behaviour have an outsized impact on your team

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