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Reality Show Winner, (Kokomansion Reality TV Show 2009) Bolanle is a highly skilled and motivated Marketing graduate (BSc 2015) with over Six years experience in communications, Entertainment, TV, Radio Presenting and Production, Acting and Filmmaking, customer service, marketing and sales, Hospitality management, volunteering for healthcare, charity organisations/Non Profits. Artist, Music Manager and Creative personality passionate about delivering amazing, entertaining experiences with great written and verbal communication skills. A Tech Savvy curious learner continuously yearning for development. Owner of a leading lifestyle and entertainment blog/website.

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Designing Eco-friendly Games For Climate Change Awareness

4:00pm - 4:45pm
Room 1

As the world is experiencing climate change, conversations, efforts to create awareness are being channeled to push the envelope, everyone including game creators can find ways to get involved.

Game creators can get involved in several ways by using graphics to push eco-friendly, conservation ideas, by using creative storytelling in game design to promote climate change awareness and even solutions.

Adventure games, even the combat and hero type stories can include ideas for caring for the environment with rewards and gaming points as achievements.

The conversation about climate change is not just an adult conversation. Early learners can be made aware in the simplest forms. Hence, development of children learning games can include conservation ideas from simple tree planting to level up while learning alphabets and words, to animal or wildlife care and rescue as level boosters.

A lot of people play video games for several different reasons; as a recreational activity, to relax, to learn and educate themselves. Using gaming as a tool for creating awareness could go a long way in the climate change conversation movement. The more aware people are, the more solutions and innovative ideas are created for a climatically friendly universe.

The other day, I was playing this game on my phone and I had made so much money and didn’t know what to spend on anymore. A pop up asking if I would like to spend my coins playing a mini game to save an Elephant from poachers in Africa could’ve been quite interesting.

Session Takeaway

  • Gaming as a tool for creating awareness about climate change.
  • Use of graphics to push eco friendly, conservation ideas.
  • Story telling in game design to promote climate change awareness and solutions.

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