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Aubrey McCarthy is a Senior Technical Artist at Roll7. With 10 years experience working on small and indie video games. Including John Wick Hex, OlliOlli World, and the Bafta winning Rollerdrome.

Who's main areas of focus are improving artist's lives,  the dark arts of shaders, and getting computers to make pretty things.

With a passion for stylised visuals, which is why they're going to talk to you about them in their talk!

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Everything I Learned Making Art for Illustrative Styles

With a stylised art direction, art which looks good in a screenshot isn't necessarily what makes for great art in motion. And, as we found out in a fast paced action game, can be complete cognitive overload . Oh no, we've overwhelmed the player! What are we going to do now?

Aubrey McCarthy will take you through 3 games worth of learning about illustrative art styles. Drawing from Rollerdrome, OlliOlli World, and John Wick Hex's development. Come learn practical lessons on what it's like to make a video game which audiences will look at and think is hand drawn.

Looking different requires a different art creation approach. As well as throwing up a abundance of visual challenges. This talk will help you navigate some of the early pitfalls you'll likely fall into.

Session Takeaway

  • How we arrived at our illustrative art styles, things to consider when choosing your own, and how to make your life easier if you do
  • Colours: Where art meets science. How to make colours do heavy lifting for you.
  • Detail: How to balance making a game which is visually rich and stylised, while still looking great and not overwhelming in action.

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