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Anika Neubert

Remedy Entertainment

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Anika's passion for video games ignited at a young age, long before she could fully immerse herself in playing most of them. It took her a few years to realize that game development could be a viable career path, and another decade of dedication to establish herself in the industry.

After exploring various sectors, she transitioned to the tech industry in 2017, moving from customer service to project and team management roles.

In late 2020, Anika seized an opportunity at Remedy Entertainment, where she supported the award-winning Audio team on “Alan Wake II” for three years, contributing to its success. Now she is dedicated to the Narrative and Audio teams working on the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed “Control”, bringing her skills and passion to help shape its next chapter.

Anika Neubert is speaking at the following session/s

Alan Wake II: Staying in the Light on the Journey to Building an Audio Team & Achieving a Vision

12:15pm - 1:00pm
Room 4

Join Remedy Entertainment's Audio Director, Richard Lapington, and Senior Development Manager, Anika Neubert, as they explore the intricate interplay between audio vision, leadership, team dynamics, and meeting shipping deadlines. In this insightful session, they will dissect their approach to developing the BAFTA award winning audio of Alan Wake 2, offering valuable insights into the challenges and strategies involved in bringing the game's auditory experience to life.

Session Takeaway

  • Creative Audio Vision: Gain insights into how we bring our audio vision to life for our development team.
  • Collaborative Efforts: Discover how our collaboration between Audio and Production drives the unique needs of audio development.
  • Innovative Team Building: Discover how we foster teamwork in the complex audio work environment.
  • Effective Strategies: Learn about the strategies we've employed to overcome the distinctive challenges of the audio development cycle.

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