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André Sousa

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André is an audio designer at Giants Software, currently living in Germany but originally from Portugal. He plays a crucial role in enhancing the sonic experience for the Farming Simulator franchise. Before embarking on his journey to Germany, he also had the opportunity to work on educational games. André's academic background is rooted in the study of spatial audio and flow state in games. 
Outside of his professional endeavors, André is an avid fan of board games, exploring new video games, and watching animation shows, constantly seeking new forms of creative inspiration and enjoyment.

André Sousa is speaking at the following session/s

Creating Authentic Sound for Farming Simulator

2:00pm - 2:45pm
Room 6

André is presenting a comprehensive strategy for the sound design of Farming Simulator.

He will explain their methods for developing and applying ambient sounds in a dynamic, open-world setting, crafting engaging sound effects for agricultural implements, and detailing their process for capturing, creating, and integrating vehicle sounds into the game.

The speaker will discuss the challenges encountered in designing the ambient audio system, the techniques used to maintain realism and authenticity in a simulation game, and the requirements for accurately replicating the sound of a modern tractor. Additionally, he will offer some helpful tips on audio editing and processing.

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