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Ben is an Acting Lead Vehicle Programmer at Ubisoft Reflections who has been studying vehicle dynamics since 2004. Ben has worked on tuning, simulation & analysis of vehicles, initially just of the four-wheeled kind but later expanding to include watercraft and aircraft. Firmly believing the tuning & debugging options are more important than the simulation itself, he is working on improving both aspects in tandem for adaptable & exploitable vehicle solutions for games across Ubisoft’s portfolio. 

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Improving Data Structures for Rapid & Intelligent Gameplay Design

Wednesday 27th October: 11.00 - 11.45 Room 5

This presentation will focus on changes Ubisoft are making to their vehicle editing tool that greatly reduce the learning curve for a designer new to this field. Speakers Ben Ponsford and Michael Robson will demonstrate how moving to a modular system for data enables designers to rapidly prototype vehicle behaviour, and instantly make adjustments to multiple vehicles. 
This can be applied to other complex systems and Ben and Michael will look at relevant analysis and statistics, and demonstrate how tuning can be made more intuitive and understandable. 


•    Complex systems with large numbers of tuning parameters can be broken down to be more easily managed 
•    Storing system parameters in a normalised database gives rise to rapid iteration, project sharing & simultaneous tuning possibilities 
•    Real-time analysis of complex systems allows interdependent behaviour to be observed and understood before user testing 

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