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Dlala Studios

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Rory is a concept artist at Dlala Studios in Essex. Joining the team to develop internal IP before providing art support on projects such as Rare's "Sea of Thieves”. Rory was a concept artist and 2D environment artist on Battletoads (2020) from initial pitch to final release and is currently working as a concept artist on an exciting unannounced project

Rory Jobson is speaking at the following session/s

'Pivot and Adapt' - The Artistic Hurdles of a Multi-genre Game and How it Applies to Wider Challenges

Wednesday 27th October: 16.00 - 16.45 Room 3

A talk built around being a concept and production environment artist on Battletoads (2020) and how having to create unique art for 10+ different game modes pushed me to be not only a better artist but a 'smarter' one in the way I which I performed my job. Covering the process of working on the art for 2.5d brawler, 2D platformer, over the shoulder bike racer, top down space shooter and more. As well as working directly with design and the creative director to incorporate visual storytelling into the experience.


  • Techniques and methodologies used throughout the game
  • The challenges faced and how they were overcome
  • General tips for creating 2D art in a modern game

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