Rami Ismail

Indie Game Developer

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Rami Ismail is a Dutch-Egyptian industry ambassador & independent games developer with over 20 titles launched across PC, console, web, and mobile. His development of tools like the industry-standard dopresskit.com, his prolific & popular public speaking, and highly-regarded consultancy and insights have helped shape industry opportunities for games communities & independent game developers of any kind, in any situation, and anywhere.

Rami Ismail is speaking at the following session/s

Pulling Together a Business Case

Thursday 14th July: 11.15 - 12.00 Room 1

How do you put together a business case? How should you evaluate a deal? How does a negotiation work? When should you do crowdfunding, and when should you go with a publisher? Or a grant? Rami Ismail talks about what indies get wrong about business, using real examples he has encountered during his many consultancies.


  • A clear and tested method of explaining the basics of entrepreneurship, such as risk and opportunity, with a few useful insights for advanced developers too.
  • Setting budgets properly, and negotiating around them.
  • Understanding pitching, tone, and communication.

Blockchain's Future in the Games Industry

Tuesday 12th July: 15.00 - 15.45Room 1

The games industry has historically been quick to make use of emerging technologies and with billions of dollars of investment, there is no shortage of ideas but little detail on how it can positively impact game design. The panel will expertly navigate the hype, scams and get-rich-schemes to talk about what the technology can offer and why players should care.


  • New ideas for game design using blockchain
  • An understanding of the challenges of building a token economy
  • How to approach blockchain from a technical perspective

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