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Meet Kristina Miles, Lead UX/UI Artist at Electric Square, a designer at heart, specialised within digital experiences, with over 10 years of experience. Kristina has always been passionate about design and the process that goes into building gameplay experiences that inspire and bring people together. With a comprehensive understanding of games and experience-centred design principles, Kristina brings much value to the Electric Square team on the range of activities from defining the overall creative direction to the execution of the UX design from wireframe concepts and prototypes to the implementation of concepts and design specifications and technical requirements.”

Kristina Miles is speaking at the following session/s

Why You Should Not Underestimate First User Experience and How to Improve It

Tuesday 26th October: 11.00 - 11.45 Room 5

This session talks you through the First Time User Experience (FTUE) being a crucial part of almost any game made to increase user retention by minimising entry barriers and increasing the quality of experience and players’ enjoyment. 

Have you ever found yourself willing to skip a game tutorial? That could be driven by either finding little value of the suggested control instructions or the opposite: finding it never-ending and getting stuck halfway through? That is a clear sign of poor first-time user experience.

Nowadays your game competes with millions of other games coming out on all possible platforms for players' attention regardless of which type of game it is, whether you are going to use cutscenes or gameplay tutorial, the fundamental idea is quite universal and can form the best practice but at the same time introduce common mistakes as well.

As a Lead UX Designer, Kristina has been involved in resolving numerous challenges while creating FTUE for each game that she’s worked on. Despite (but also thanks to) different gaming designs and settings, finding universal techniques for making a good first player’s experience helps to avoid major mistakes.

Taking this to success, she initially was looking for an inspiration reviewing more than a hundred other games, getting feedback from the players in live ops, carefully analysing, resulting in total UX decomposition.


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