Gorm Lai

Goldsmiths University

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Gorm Lai is currently a late-in-life PhD Student at Goldsmiths, focusing on co-creative artificial intelligence and evolutionary techniques. He is an experienced senior graphics & game engine programmer, with a swiss army knife certificate in cross-platform development and experimental game development. He has worked on 17 commercial games since 2004; among them the multiple award winning LIMBO as well as the 2015 BAFTA winner The Dumping Ground. Besides video games, his portfolio includes virtual reality, large-scale interactive installations and as well as non-game applications. He has a keen interest in experimental game development, and have co-founded the Nordic Game Jam as well as the Global Game Jam.

Gorm Lai is speaking at the following session/s

AI Supported Tools for Game Development

Thursday 14th July: 12.15 - 13.00 Room 2

Procedural content generation and AI-assistive methods can do more than help us create content. If we allow ourselves to think of the machine as a colleague, then we can collaborate with it to improve our work as it assists us in becoming better and more skilled content creators.


  • The main takeaway is how by viewing the AI as a colleague, developers can get more ideas and become more creative
  • Delegates will also get an overview of the current state of the art in AI-assisted methods for content creation
  • Delegates will learn design patterns and challenges, that can be directly applied to their in-house tools development

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