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Dan heads up Etch Play, a gaggle of digital marketers and creative developers that like to refer to themselves as "the digital partner for the games industry". Dan has worked in and around games since the early 2000s when he built Flash games for e-learning software and has since worked offering web and marketing services for studios including Hello Games, Supermassive Games, PlayStation London Studio, Deep Silver, Ukie and more.

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Delete Your Video Game Website (and other sensationalist advice)

Thursday 28th October: 14.00 - 14.45 Room 3

"We need a new website"... "We need to be on TikTok"... "We need to make dev diaries for YouTube"... "We need to do a weekly live stream"... 
Marketing a game, let alone creating it in the first place, is exhausting. What if, and hear me out a minute, what if we... didn't do all that stuff? 
How might we promote our game whilst maximising the return on time spent and playing to our best strengths? Dan has been asking this very question and has some ideas and approaches to help you decide where to best place your marketing efforts. We will explore the many different channels, approaches and resources available, we'll interrogate what has worked for others and explore how we can discern what options are best for each of us.


  • Where to prioritise marketing effort
  • What resources are available for all budgets
  • What are realistic expectations

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