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Andy is one of the owners of Rev Rooms, a game-audio co-development company based in Brighton, England. 

A qualified Wwise tutor who has a wealth of experience in games over the last 20 years, teaching at some of the best music universities across the country. He specialises in engines, guns, vehicles and sports crowd recording and implementation.

Working in all manner of commercial and bespoke engines Andy knows, Unity, Unreal, Cry Engine, Lumberyard, Anvil, Nebulus, and many more internal non-commercial engines.

He has a Degree in Music and a Masters in Sound Design from Bournemouth University and a proud pupil of Chris Watson, Andy is a 4th of the Hip hop Experimental band - Messiah Key.

Andy Gibson is speaking at the following session/s

Post-Pandemic Directions for Game Audio Employment

Thursday 14th July: 12.15 - 13.00Room 1

Has the COVID Pandemic changed the working landscape forever?  With the continuing boom in video games development and an unprecedented level of open roles for Game Audio, what are the challenges and possible solutions to both deliver and innovate? With many developers exploring hybrid and remote working, there are potentially more opportunities to hire experienced talent - but at what cost? Veteran Head of Audio and Audio Director, Alastair Lindsay discusses future directions and issues for game audio employment with a panel of special guest experts.


  • Gain insight into future strategies for sourcing and supplying audio production resources.
  • Learn where you fit into the current and coming game audio economy.
  • Benefit from expert viewpoints on post-pandemic challenges and opportunities for audio talent. 
  • Learn how best to utilize hybrid and remote working in-game audio employment.

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