The Digi Monsters

The Digi Monsters are a tight-knit team of specialists who design, create and deliver captivating content for a diverse range of digital industries; from Games & VR/AR, to CGI, Animation, VFX and more. Founded in 2016 by leading artists from the Activision | Blizzard Games studio FreeStyleGames, makers of the critically acclaimed DJ Hero & Guitar Hero Live, The Digi Monsters offer experience and expertise at every point in the art, design and production pipeline. With the flexibility to work within many art styles, we use versatile modern tools and techniques to deliver outstanding results on time & on budget.

Our history and experience from working within establishments such as Activision, Sony & Codemasters means we understand, from first hand experience, exactly what it takes to deliver content and solutions to the highest level.

Since founding The Digi Monsters, we've worked with clients large and small, throughout the UK, Europe, and the US.

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