Mobile makes up the biggest part of the worldwide games market, so we’ve introduced this new track dedicated to exploring the best business strategies and game design for mobile F2P games. Come and hear some of the most successful studios in mobile game dev share their experiences and top tips.

Mobile sessions

A Practical Guide to App Store Optimization

Wednesday 4th November: 14.00 - 14.30 :

Good ASO is vital in this modern mobile landscape; in increases app visibility, store rankings, it drives organic installs, and best part; it's virtually free. Sadly, it is not as widely used by games companies and apps as it should be. ASO can easily be used by large companies as well as small start-ups and when done right can drive a large number of organic installs, however, when not done right it can negatively impact your games data and other areas of user acquisition. In this session you will learn how to get your app discovered on the IOS and Android stores, the most important areas to focus on, how to test your ideas and the positive and negative impacts this might have on your game, and the external factors that can impact your organic installs. You will also learn about different tools and research methods that can improve your ASO and how your ASO can also impact other areas of your game.


  • Attendees will be aware of important areas to focus on on both platforms when deciding on a new ASO strategy
  • They will be informed of various external factors that can impact their ASO efforts, positively and negatively
  • They will be shown how ASO can positively and negatively impact other aspects of the game and user acquisition - Research, how to test new ideas, and useful tools that can help

How We Built F1 Manager: Design and Commercial Insights from Successful Mobile F2P Games

Tuesday 3rd November: 12.00 - 0.30 :

Licensing is a way to gain more attention for your games, and is usually part of a company's marketing strategy. How can you harness the potential behind an IP and apply it to your design pillars in order to find the right fit between the brand and your product? Going over the development of F1® Manager (from the concept stage to live servicing) this talk will look at how to differentiate your game from its competitors, achieve the right balance with features, engage and retain your target audience as well as scale with the brand.


  • Bringing a brand’s core values into life
  • Appealing to a target demographic
  • Validating early ideas
  • Creating a scalable game
  • Increasing the longevity of a title
  • Overall game development and metrics insight

Reinventing the Sequel to ‘Beneath a Steel’ Sky’ for a Modern Audience

Monday 2nd November: 11.00 - 11.30 :

Industry Legend Charles Cecil discusses the opportunities, as well as the challenges, of reinventing a classic adventure franchise. In designing ‘Beyond a Steel’ Sky’ the team set out to appeal both to the original fans of ‘Beneath a Steel Sky’ as well as a new generation of gamers. Charles will talk about how his team identified the core values of the original, and how they developed gameplay, narrative, and technical elements that respected the original, as well as delivering a cutting-edge modern adventure: the result is a game set in a unique world, populated by wilful characters driven by advanced AI, that responds to – and is subverted by – the player’s actions. In collaboration once again with Dave Gibbons, co-creator and artist behind the comic book ‘Watchmen’, ‘Beyond a Steel Sky’ evolves and redefines the adventure genre for Apple Arcade, PC and console.


  • Reinventing a classic adventure game that delights an existing community whilst appealing to a new, contemporary generation
  • Revolution’s take on evolving and redefining the adventure genre
  • Bringing a console-quality adventure game to Apple Arcade

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