Indie BootCamp

Free sessions for students, start-ups, and anyone else looking to be the next big thing! Join us to hear straight talking from successful indie developers about how they started, what worked for them, and what mistakes they made – so you can avoid repeating them.

Indie BootCamp sessions

Building On Rock - the past year's accessibility advances

Monday 2nd November: 14.00 - 14.30 :

The game accessibility field has evolved enormously over the past year, with many advances across hardware, platforms, middleware, resources, events, games and the continued growth of accessibility as a recognised discipline and job title. This session will take a look at how the landscape has shifted, where the industry is currently at, and where it needs to head in future. 


  • Why accessibility matters to small companies
  • Accessibility considerations that take little or no time, money & expertise
  • Third party tools to do some of the work for you
  • How to engage with the community without a user research team - Time saving workflow considerations

Driving Diversity: Why It Matters and How We Can Make Our Studios More Inclusive

Tuesday 3rd November: 14.00 - 14.30 :

Driving Diversity will discuss the business case for building diverse and inclusive studios and demonstrate why this is integral to the future success of the games industry. Khally will highlight some of the key challenges of creating more inclusive workplaces and provide solutions, including actionable steps for both companies and individuals. 


  • The business case for building more inclusive and diverse games studios

  • The key challenges of creating more inclusive workplaces and a diverse games industry

  • Actionable steps to promote workplace inclusion that attendees can use to inspire change within their own organisations

How to Not Launch a Game on Steam (and some advice on how to)

Wednesday 4th November: 12.00 - 12.30 :

Aiden will be talking about his experience putting a game on steam, his mistakes, and shortcomings and what you can do to avoid them. He will also talk about best practices from when you should think about Steam to how to set up the store page.


  • How to put a game on Steam
  • Is your game right for Steam?
  • When is the best time to put a game on steam best practises when setting up a store page

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