NEW! One of the biggest challenges facing game developers today is how to get your game on people's radar in such a competitive marketplace. The new Discoverability track will focus on helping you do just that - finding and attracting the right audience, nurturing your community and building good relationships with media, streamers and other influencers. Hear case studies, top tips and practical advice from the people behind some of the most successful games around.

Discoverability sessions

Is it Time to Turn Video Games Marketing Upside Down?

In the subscriptions economy, video games marketing needs to focus on building brands and retaining 'customers', not just selling product. 'Stand-out' is already the biggest challenge for anyone providing content for TV and movie subscription services. Creating a great movie or TV series, recruiting top talent and getting it signed to one of the big platforms is just the start. Grabbing eyeballs and keeping them is what’s tough. In this talk, we'll examine what works for the likes of Netflix and Amazon and how those techniques can be harnessed by games developers and publishers across mobile, console and PC platforms, encompassing how to build up a brand, engage with audiences – and then, crucially, keep them.


  • How the need to engage with consumers in new and creative ways drives everything Netflix & Amazon do, and what that means for games promotion & audience retention
  • How developers and publishers can gamify their social media activity to engage audiences 
  • How the creation of immersive experiences outside of a game via social media can keep fans hungry for the next instalment
  • How the 'surprise & delight' tactic of being led by your audience and their emotions will create reactions that resonate beyond a game's initial release window

Building Communities That Last. From Scratch.

The world of community management has changed. Now not only do most studios need one, they need one that can build from nothing - which can be the key difference in pay grade, experience and in some cases value for money. Community Development Veteran Stevie Ward talks through some key theories in Community Development and how you can specialise in growing them from nothing, making them strong, and building them to last.


  • How to find your community
  • How to get them talking to your brand
  • How to get them talking to each other

Designing Games for Influencers (and Why that Might Not be the Best Idea)

Unbelievable exposure, countless eyes on your product and skyrocketing sales - whether on YouTube or Twitch, getting your game into the hands of the biggest names in the influencer and streaming ecosystem remains the holy grail for many game developers, especially those without the clout of a massive marketing budget. But does it ever really work out that way? In this frank and honest case study, Niall - who has had millions of views across multiple titles after coverage from some of the biggest influencers in the industry - lays bare the reality of that coveted situation, sharing stories, sales figures and screenshots of really mean comments. From the design decisions that helped put his games in the spotlight, to the wildly unexpected financial outcomes, attendees will learn what happens when the dust settles and for some reason you’re *still* not a millionaire.


Attendees will learn

  • What elements of your game’s design and marketing will appeal most to streamers and influencers, and how to capitalise on that.
  • The reality of what achieving “influencer success” means for your game financially and otherwise.
  • Understanding of what customer conversion is, and why it may mean you’re targeting the wrong people.
  • The mental health toll that “influencer success” can have, and the effect on your game. Positive and practical ways your game can target influencers, rather than hoping for a big break.

Meme Marketing: How to Drive Engagement with the Internet's Fads

Understanding memes for your online marketing. Where best to look, and keep up with the fads without the feeling of falling behind or being out of touch. Diving into how memes can be a minefield of context or controversy and should be researched! Presenting examples of how best to engage with your audience and other media that does this form of marketing well.


  • You do not have to be a social media guru to understand memes.
  • Basic Do's and Don't's
  • How to can drive engagement and hit the right audiences.

Pick Your Targets Well and Hit That Bullseye!

A global launch to today's digital and multilingual marketplace can be a tall order for any game studio. How to choose in which languages/regions to localise your product? What to take into account in order to make smart decisions? How to evaluate those decisions after launch? Answering these questions is the key to increase the return on you localisation investment and set games up for global success.


  • You will understand the importance of localisation decisions
  • You will receive a list of points to consider when deciding on the localisation scope of your game to be released
  • You will receive a list of metrics to monitor after the game has launched

Ten Things To Do Before You Even Start Working On A New Game

In early prototyping, it's incredibly easy to make decisions that will hurt your design or success further on down the line. Is there a audience? Is there room for me in that market? Will there be people interested in this game by the time it's released? In today's market, picking the right game to make is everything. This talk will give you the tools to go ahead with your new project in confidence... or kill it before it does any damage!


  • Stronger kill/greenlight criteria for new games
  • Skills for practical, data driven audience research
  • Potential market sizing excercises
  • Company and game alignment methods

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