NEW! One of the biggest challenges facing game developers today is how to get your game on people's radar in such a competitive marketplace. The new Discoverability track will focus on helping you do just that - finding and attracting the right audience, nurturing your community and building good relationships with media, streamers and other influencers. Hear case studies, top tips and practical advice from the people behind some of the most successful games around.

Discoverability sessions

Pick Your Targets Well and Hit That Bullseye!

A global launch to today's digital and multilingual marketplace can be a tall order for any game studio. How to choose in which languages/regions to localise your product? What to take into account in order to make smart decisions? How to evaluate those decisions after launch? Answering these questions is the key to increase the return on you localisation investment and set games up for global success.


  • You will understand the importance of localisation decisions
  • You will receive a list of points to consider when deciding on the localisation scope of your game to be released
  • You will receive a list of metrics to monitor after the game has launched

Ten Things To Do Before You Even Start Working On A New Game

In early prototyping, it's incredibly easy to make decisions that will hurt your design or success further on down the line. Is there a audience? Is there room for me in that market? Will there be people interested in this game by the time it's released? In today's market, picking the right game to make is everything. This talk will give you the tools to go ahead with your new project in confidence... or kill it before it does any damage!


  • Stronger kill/greenlight criteria for new games
  • Skills for practical, data driven audience research
  • Potential market sizing excercises
  • Company and game alignment methods

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