One of the biggest challenges facing game developers today is how to get your game on people's radar in such a competitive marketplace. The Discoverability track will focus on helping you do just that - finding and attracting the right audience, nurturing your community and building good relationships with media, streamers and other influencers. Hear case studies, top tips and practical advice from the people behind some of the most successful games around.

Discoverability sessions

Forging Meaningful Connections With Audiences Through Marketing

Tuesday 12th July: 12.00 - 12.45 :

How do we build marketing campaigns that forge real connections with our audiences? The intersection of strong company foundations, a consistent strategy and an empathetic approach is when marketing truly makes magic. Knowing the core of who you are as a brand and what you stand for is more important than ever. As our industry and society evolves (sometimes more quickly than we can keep up!) there is a constant pressure to be "relevant", especially when the space can feel increasingly volatile. But through strong, honest bonds with audiences, businesses can future-proof themselves from disaster. In her role as Marketing Manager, Justine Colla spends her time growing the brand of Atomhawk beyond the artwork her supergroup team create working in partnership with top AAA clients. Being the keyholder of a brand can be a daunting responsibility, but it is also an opportunity to reach out to people's lives in a positive way. Justine will take you through a few key marketing campaigns at Atomhawk that were able to not only fulfil a business need, but grew trust with multiple key audiences. This talk is perfect for marketing professionals, community managers and studio directors who are looking to build authentic relationships with their business audiences.


  • How to build authentic, long-lasting relationships with audiences
  • How consistent, high-quality marketing campaigns unlock new business opportunities
  • How businesses can future-proof themselves with strong audience bonds

Downward Spiral or Mega Viral: 10 Lessons From a Year on TikTok

Tuesday 12th July: 14.00 - 14.45 :

Let’s begin with a bold claim: TikTok is the most exciting discoverability platform available for games right now. Brief vine-like explosions of creativity blended with a user-centred approach have transformed TikTok from a dancing teen machine into the most downloaded app worldwide, with organic reach potential far beyond the likes of YouTube and Twitter. Anyone can go viral, doing anything. It’s no wonder that so many indie developers are joining the platform in the hopes that their game will be the next to go big. As the resident Gen-Z team member of indie publishing & promotion company Future Friends Games, Grace Curtis has had a front row seat in this promotional cambrian explosion. In this talk, she’ll share what she’s learned - both from the accounts that reached 9 million people organically in a single post, and the ones that struggle to break 100 views. Which games are a good suit for the platform? Do I really need to learn all these dances? How do I edit on a tiny screen? Using the classic internet formula of a numbered list, Grace will talk through the 10 lessons she’s learned during her first year as a creator and advisor for indie developers on TikTok.


I’d like to leave the audience with three main impressions:

  • Almost anything can go big on TikTok, so it’s worth a try no matter what kind of project you’re working on. That said, games with a strong aesthetic & adapt well to the aspect ratio have a significant advantage.
  • TikTok audiences value authenticity and personal narrative. Use trending sounds and in-platform tools, and bring your own story to the table. Give your audience a narrative arc they can follow, both over the channel and over each video.
  • Know what it’s for, and what it’s not. This isn’t the place to build community or form industry connections. It’s about grabbing the spotlight for twenty seconds and yelling about how awesome you are to an audience of millions. Make every second count.

Building a Contented Game Community

Tuesday 12th July: 16.00 - 16.45 :

Bringing perspectives from across indie, AAA and everything inbetween, Hannah, Stevie and Abbie will discuss the strategies which have helped them form and grow successful, contented communities. We’ll look at the values behind communities, how to enact them in your rules, and how to maintain a welcoming atmosphere as your community reaches maturity.


  • How to structure a new community space to set it up for success
  • How to maintain interest in a community between releases
  • What do to when your community isn’t gelling well

Getting Traction for Your Game Before Release (Indie Edition)

Wednesday 13th July: 12.00 - 12.45 :

Without spending a marketing cent, The Wagadu Chronicle went viral and gathered a respectable following on social media which eventually led to a successful Kickstarter. Twin Drums' founder Allan will speak to provide tips and share stories on on how he got there.


  • Tips on "finding your voice"
  • Tips on getting noticed
  • Bootstrapped Marketing Do's and Don'ts

Ten Steps to Steam Success

Wednesday 13th July: 15.00 - 15.45 :

An entertaining and informative talk for developers and publishers from someone with plenty of experience of releasing games on Steam. James will cover what he considers to be the ten most important things to consider when releasing a game, including: • Getting the coming soon page right • Convincing people to add you to their wishlist • Correct and relevant tagging • Post-launch support And plenty more – you’ll need to come to the talk to get the full list! James will cover the entire release process, from the early steps of getting your game a Steam page through to building hype, launching, and then maintaining momentum with strong post-launch support. As Director Of Digital Strategy at Curve Games, James Gourlay has helped launch many games over the years and learned invaluable lessons that are guaranteed to make your life easier and your game more successful!


  • Pre-launch: getting your game a Steam page through to building excitement and strong marketing materials
  • Launch: creating noise and making the launch an event
  • Post-launch: maintaining momentum with strong post-launch support

Creative Alchemy - Transmuting your Game's Vision into Marketing Gold

Wednesday 13th July: 17.00 - 17.45 :

Take a practical deep dive into the marketing creative processes of Focus Entertainment, one of Europe’s leading video game publishers and developers. From determining the communication pillars of your game to creating key assets, learn how to take into account the competitive landscape to give your game the light it deserves. The presentation will include practical examples from released multi-million selling titles and upcoming titles such as Plague Tale: Requiem, World War Z, Evil West, Snowrunner and Vampyr.


  • How to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your game in a competitive landscape, and how to adapt your communication assets accordingly to make your game stand out
  • How to inspire yourself and react to creative trends when choosing a name, logo and key art
  • Heart and Mind - understanding the strategic purpose of your key assets

Running Featured Cross-publisher Events on Steam

Thursday 14th July: 12.15 - 13.00 :

In 2020 and 2021 an online-only version of the Guildford Games Festival took place. The event was featured on the front page of Steam, bringing in several million visitors and resulting in greatly increased sales and wishlists for all participating games. What logistical challenges are there in creating a cross-publisher event? What impact did the featuring have? All of this will be uncovered in the talk, with stats galore to feast your discoverability-focused eyes on.


  • Learn the logistics of creating a cross-publisher event
  • Discover the benefits of participating in such an event
  • Ways you can help maximise your discoverability when participating in events

How To Give Your Game Maximum Exposure On Social Media

Thursday 14th July: 15.00 - 15.45 :

It’s no longer enough to simply send a few codes to journalists to have your new game seen by the public. Okay, arguably it never was. But now, more than ever before, making the most of all platforms available to you is essential for any game’s marketing - and when it comes to social media, and liaising with media outlets, channels and influencers who work across its nebulous landscape, knowing exactly what’s needed to help someone else make your game shine is a must.

This talk will open up the world of games and games-adjacent content on social media through the lens of GAMINGbible’s output, analysis and strategy, and beyond - into a wider conversation on how today’s social media landscape necessitates more consideration than simply having a new CGI trailer ready for distribution. It will dig into some dos and don’ts of how to approach creators and outlets who are publishing to Facebook, Instagram and TikTok with as much of a focus, if not more, as traditional websites. It will highlight the benefits of letting go of control and letting someone else make your game shine in front of the audience they know best.

At the end of the session, publishers, PRs and studio representatives alike should have a clearer picture of what works best on which platform; how to prepare assets for those platforms; and perhaps most crucially of all, why an outlet still might not pick up and package what you’ve provided them with.


  • You will know what assets work best on which social media channel, and how to deliver them
  • You will learn the power of building trust with brands and letting them work their magic on your terrific creations
  • You will better understand a wildly and fast-changing landscape where the goalposts shift every single week


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