Nothing ruins a good game faster than annoying music or inferior sound effects. Our Audio Track is a day long conference on Thursday 11 July for anyone involved in sound or music and video games. Audio professionals can expect to be inspired by the latest techniques and trends, plus hear from peers and experts who will share their own experiences and knowledge on all things sound related.

Audio sessions

Dialogue Performance and Design for Creatures, Monsters and Demons

Respected UK-based developer Creative Assembly retains a seven-strong team to handle casting, recording, directing and post-production of voice talent. In this session, the team lead and one of the senior engineers will outline their processes for getting creatively inspired dialogue into noted title Total War: Warhammer. They will discuss the use of game design mechanics, performance characterization and audio processing techniques to create the voices required whilst remaining true to Warhammer lore, and forging a distinct identity for each faction – plus maintaining variety and individual identity within a faction where there are multiple characters of the same type. Using real-world case studies, they will talk through the full pipeline from initial design ideas to collaboration with the design team, and R&D, casting, recording, post production and implementation.

  • Insights into leading developer Creative Assembly’s dialogue process and pipeline.
  • Techniques to achieve fantastic vocalization and character speech results for non-humanoid game characters. 
  • Practical approaches to delivering variety and individual identity within creature/monster/demon factions.

Player-Driven Audio Creation in Dreams: A Post-Vivem

This session takes a look back at the development of a novel, fully-fledged yet unique digital audio toolset within Media Molecule's acclaimed new title ‘Dreams’. 

These tools were designed and implemented from the ground up to create an experience that would be fun for complete beginners but also fulfilling for advanced audio creators - including the game's own audio team, which made the entire game's soundtrack using the same tools. 

The session focuses on the challenges and knowledge derived in trying to bridge the gap between players and experts, both from a UX design perspective and a technical one. Programmer Bogdan Vera will also demonstrate content creation in Dreams focusing on unique workflows enabled by the game's mindset, which may have wider applications within the industry.


  • Rare insights into the design, implementation and use of a unique digital audio toolset within a videogame intended for end users and game creators alike.

  • How the team overcame specific challenges of designing for both players and experts and what they learned along the way.

  • Why the unique workflows enabled by the game's mindset may have wider application within the industry.

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