Nothing ruins a good game faster than annoying music or inferior sound effects. Our Audio Track, curated by John Broomhall, is for anyone involved in sound or music and video games. Audio professionals can expect to be inspired by the latest techniques and trends, plus hear from peers and experts who will share their own experiences and knowledge on all things sound related.

Audio sessions

Vehicle Sound Design for Farming Simulator

Wednesday 13th July: 16.00 - 16.45 :

Kris is showcasing the audio pipeline for recording and implementing vehicles into the Farming Simulator series. 

He discusses his audio teams’ approach to recording tractors, detailing the equipment, techniques and conditions that are used to capture the sound of these complex machines.

Next, he demonstrates how audio recordings are edited and processed to make high quality audio assets. This includes effective processing, semi-automated editing using custom actions within Reaper and some tricks & tips on how to create perfect seamless loops.

After this, the real-time processing of Farming Simulator vehicle audio is explored in detail. He demonstrates methods for analyzing on/offload audio recordings to extract useable EQ profiles, which can be used as a basis for real-time processing to create a dynamic load sound. 

Finally, he details the implementation process for vehicles, covering the use of in-game parameter changes and sound modifiers. This brings the recordings and audio assets to life, creating a sense of dynamism and interactivity in-line with real world tractors.


  • Approaches and techniques for effective vehicle recording.
  • Sound processing techniques and approaches to creating seamless loop-able audio assets.
  • Workflow improvements for repetitive asset creation.
  • Methods of creating a dynamic ‘load’ sound for vehicles.  
  • Implementation ideas for increasing interactivity between vehicle sound layers

Audio Track Welcome & Introduction

Thursday 14th July: 10.00 - 10.15 :

Sound designer and composer Kenny Young welcomes delegates and guests and introduces the day’s proceedings.

An Exploration of Wise’s Impressive WAAPI/WAQL Features

Thursday 14th July: 10.15 - 11.00 :

Audiokinetic developer, Michael Cooper, discusses how sound designers can make good use of the recently introduced WAAPI and WAQL features to enhance their Wwise audio authoring experience.

Seeing with Your Ears: The Unique Challenge of Audio and Interactive Storytelling in As Dusk Falls

Thursday 14th July: 11.15 - 12.00 :

As Dusk Falls cleverly straddles the line between linear and interactive experiences. Imagine enjoying your favourite primetime TV show whilst steering the story yourself! This complex branching narrative, combined with a unique art and animation style all serve to present fascinating and thought-provoking opportunities – and challenges - for both sound and music score.  Hear how Soundcuts told the story through sound and music, bridging design techniques and mix approaches from game audio, television, and radio to provide a rich, cohesive aural experience.


  • Find out about audio in narrative-centric games.
  • Bridge the divide between linear and interactive audio.
  • Understand the pitfalls of complex project structures.
  • Conquer your game audio mix.

Post-Pandemic Directions for Game Audio Employment

Thursday 14th July: 12.15 - 13.00 :

Has the COVID Pandemic changed the working landscape forever?  With the continuing boom in video games development and an unprecedented level of open roles for Game Audio, what are the challenges and possible solutions to both deliver and innovate? With many developers exploring hybrid and remote working, there are potentially more opportunities to hire experienced talent - but at what cost? Veteran Head of Audio and Audio Director, Alastair Lindsay discusses future directions and issues for game audio employment with a panel of special guest experts.


  • Gain insight into future strategies for sourcing and supplying audio production resources.
  • Learn where you fit into the current and coming game audio economy.
  • Benefit from expert viewpoints on post-pandemic challenges and opportunities for audio talent. 
  • Learn how best to utilize hybrid and remote working in-game audio employment.

What Voice Actors Need from Game Developers

Thursday 14th July: 14.00 - 14.45 :

With special guests and live improv performance, this session gets under the skin of working with voice actors, exploring how voice versus screen actors is analogous to jazz vs orchestral musicians.  Estdale and friends demonstrate how ‘jazz thinking’ can transform and liberate voice recording for optimum results. Find out what actors need from developers to release their full creative potential and maximise their contribution to your project.



  • Ideas for better casting of actors.
  • Ideas for the dialogue performance toolbox.
  • Ideas for how, when, and what to prepare for recording actors.
  • Ideas for getting into the acting 'hell yes!' zone.


Field Recording Pokemon - The Search for Perfect Sounds

Thursday 14th July: 15.00 - 15.45 :

Right from the outset of her game audio career, Malin was never satisfied just using other people’s sounds and so began a lifelong quest for aural originality and authenticity built on the foundation of making her own field recordings. Drawing on many sonic adventures she will examine and explore the art and science of best of breed location sound capture sharing lessons learned about planning, scouting and site selection, working in harmony with nature, timing and when to record, equipment choices and options - and the peculiarities of videogame requirements, discussing what for her makes the perfect sound and how she goes about getting it. 


  • Appreciation of the value and reward of finding and recording your own sound sources
  • Insights into the research needed in planning your sound hunting expedition
  • Tips and tricks on techniques and equipment to practically go about recording your own original sounds

Returnal - The Sound of an Alien World

Thursday 14th July: 16.00 - 16.45 :

An insightful presentation into the varied approaches taken by the PlayStation Studios Creative Arts Sound team when they crafted the next-gen sound of Returnal. This presentation will focus on 3D audio environments, haptics, creature and weapon sound design.

Tom's Clicks and Glitches: A Professional Confessional

Thursday 14th July: 17.00 - 17.45 :

Game dev conferences are full of tales of shiny things and glorious successes - but this talk is different! We are going to discuss failure. Listen gleefully as Tom Colvin (Audio Lead for Media Molecule, formerly Microsoft and Ninja Theory) recounts a catalogue of mishaps, mistakes, goofs and howlers. We will hear how they happened, what was learned, and some guiding principles for avoiding some of the pitfalls of working in game audio. Fear of failure is the enemy of creativity, so we will reflect on how to work creatively, stay inspired and serve other people’s vision without crushing your own artistic soul.


  • Understand some common pitfalls of creative working 
  • Feel more comfortable with failing, making mistakes, learning and trying again
  • Gain confidence in your own creative voice

Open Mic 2022

Thursday 14th July: 17.45 - 18.30 :

In keeping with Develop Conference tradition, our panel of game audio experts limber up for an inclusive town hall style discussion with conference delegates about the current state-of-the-art of music, sound and dialogue for games and what the future holds for game audio business, technology and creativity.

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