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Will is a Senior Dialogue Engineer at Creative Assembly where he has worked on the multi-award-winning Total War series including the Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia, Total War: Rome 2 and the Fantasy series; Total War: Warhammer. Before starting in the Games industry, he worked in Audio Post Production recording voices for Animation, TV, Radio and Film.

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Dialogue Performance and Design for Creatures, Monsters and Demons

Respected UK-based developer Creative Assembly retains a seven-strong team to handle casting, recording, directing and post-production of voice talent. In this session, the team lead and one of the senior engineers will outline their processes for getting creatively inspired dialogue into noted title Total War: Warhammer. They will discuss the use of game design mechanics, performance characterization and audio processing techniques to create the voices required whilst remaining true to Warhammer lore, and forging a distinct identity for each faction – plus maintaining variety and individual identity within a faction where there are multiple characters of the same type. Using real-world case studies, they will talk through the full pipeline from initial design ideas to collaboration with the design team, and R&D, casting, recording, post production and implementation.

  • Insights into leading developer Creative Assembly’s dialogue process and pipeline.
  • Techniques to achieve fantastic vocalization and character speech results for non-humanoid game characters. 
  • Practical approaches to delivering variety and individual identity within creature/monster/demon factions.

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