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John is a Senior Gameplay Programmer at Jagex working on RuneScape, the iconic MMORPG now in its 19th year as a living game. His role enables him to be designer, gameplay scripter and game engine developer, and in some cases perform all three simultaneously. John was responsible for developing RuneScape combat system and developing systems in the in-house game engine, such as supporting a bespoke scripting language and writing ELO and matchmaking systems.

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Stronger Together: How Your Players Can Make You a Better Developer.

Monday 2nd November: 12.00 - 12.30

At Jagex, developers are encouraged to have a regular open dialogue with our players. Players are a core part of the design and decision-making process‚ as part of our player obsessed approach to living games. They're empowered to have their say in how RuneScape and Old School RuneScape evolve and we involve them from idea generation through to post-release feedback.

This session discusses the learnings we've gained from over 19 years of taking this approach. Why does Jagex put so much importance on our developers talking to our players regularly? How do Jagex's developers get so much value out of a free-talking crowd? What methods do Jagex's developers employ to take this largely subjective and qualitative feedback source and turn it into actionable feedback? Players won't always like what you have to say, and, in some cases, dialogue can get toxic. What methods do Jagex's developers employ to deal with this?

Overall this session aims to offer developers the understanding and the tools needed to decide if this player-focused approach is right for them and apply it.


  • Why regular dialogue with players can make you a better developer.
  • How to efficiently converse with players.
  • Methods for turning subjective and qualitative feedback into actionable feedback.
  • Methods to help improve social media resilience.
  • An understanding on if this is the right approach for you as a developer.

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