Jarl Ostensen

VP of Technology, Polystream

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Jarl is the Director of Engineering for Streamer Technology at Polystream, leading the research and delivery behind Polystream’s unique streaming technology. Prior to joining Polystream in 2016, Jarl lead the Service and Technology organisation at Microsoft’s Lionhead Studios, lead Mobile Technology at Supermassive, and has helped deliver many great and successful games at Electronic Arts, all the way back to working at the fabled Bullfrog Studios, creators of Theme Park World and the Dungeon Keeper series.

Jarl Ostensen is speaking at the following session/s

A C/C++ Journey: How we Learn and Evolve our Code Base at Polystream

Wednesday 4th November: 11.00 - 11.30

In this talk, we will share some insights into how we at Polystream, a deep tech startup, have evolved our thinking around code and coding practices. 

Under the pressure of rapidly changing standards, deadlines, and product requirements that we all find ourselves in, code and code clarity is more important than ever.

The games industry has long had a concern about the rapid evolution of languages such as C++ and the perceived lack of pragmatism and applicability to the daily challenges faced by programmers everywhere.

Polystream develops high-performance technology for streaming of games and 3D applications from the cloud and we are faced with the same problems and questions. 

For us, pragmatism and reasonability is the core of any technology and code decision and in this talk, we will share some of our thoughts and experiences around how we evolve as programmers and how we adapt to an ever more rapidly changing language environment.




* Detailed technical understanding of language and feature decisions to support a high-performance code base.

* Pros and cons of adopting new language features.

* Suggestions and recommendations on how to get the best out of the sharp edges tools that are C and C++.

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