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Erol Kentli is REWIND's Director of Art. The studio combines creativity with deep expertise in real-time 3D and spatial technologies to design and build immersive experiences, platforms, and tools for future-facing companies.Having spent the last 25 years leading, managing, and directing Art on a wide variety of AAA games, Erol is a battle-hardened and respected veteran of the games industry. Erol has worked in every aspect of the Art Creation process and has a passion for pursuing visually stunning content.Erol has worked on a wide variety of games - Xcom, the Conflict series, DiRT 2, Flashpoint, Crysis 3, PlayStation VR Worlds, Dirty Bomb, Gears Tactics - to name a few.

Erol Kentli is speaking at the following session/s

The Art of Art Bibles

Tuesday 3rd November: 15.00 - 15.30

This session will detail the purpose of game Art Bibles, the types of fields that need to be covered & ways to best structure this information for the various target audiences. This would include ensuring there is a clear understanding & alignment of your game's core purpose & razor and how these subsequently influence / waterfall down through narrative framing, game tone, art pillars, establishing visual signatures, world-building, scene-setting and practical applications of the principals & elements of art.


  • The purposes that a game Art Bible serves
  • What to include & why
  • How to tailor the contents to you suit your project

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