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Ash is an expert concept artist, whose colorful and elegant designs made her a perfect fit for the Fall Guys team. Her background includes theme park design, which makes her a formidable force when concepting up multitudes of chaotic game show inspired rounds for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. As an aspiring polyglot, aside from English, her chosen languages are German, Finnish and Icelandic. Yes, she can pronounce Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch and Eyjafjallajökull!

Ash Kerins is speaking at the following session/s

Creating a Live Gameshow World with Colour and Polish: The Art of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Alexander (Studio Art Manager), Ash and Dan (both Principal Concept Artists) will guide delegates through the process of visdev and the overall art creation of Mediatonic’s PC and console title Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The talk will cover how the art team tackled creating a Takeshi’s Castle-inspired game world full of chaotic courses that’s both unique and appealing, while also inherently a Mediatonic title all at the same time. Explore the processes behind designing hundreds of loveable, bumbling characters and costumes, all within the constraints of hardware and game design. Uncover answers to questions like ‘But what texture and density IS a Fall Guy?’ and ‘How DOES a jellybean in a banana suit look when it gets hit by a giant mallet?’ amongst other important questions.


  • What is VisDev and what are the basics when developing a pc/console title
  • Tips on how to manage a very dynamic art team while overcoming pitfalls and bumpy patches in game development
  • Tips and tricks on managing art-pipelines, including a behind the scenes look at how Mediatonic tackled this for one of the company’s most sophisticated (yet silly) game so far

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