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Rocksteady Studios

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37 years old. worked at Rocksteady for 11 years. Lead combat animator, worked on Arkham Asylum through to current unannounced game at Rocksteady. Hired originally as a boss animator, combat has been in my daily work life. Helped design many of the combat systems and bosses for the Batman series

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Designing Animation

Every kids picks up a toy and plays with it. He holds and animates the toy and there is a game he’s designed in his head I believe animation is design, why? What’s a belief of mine that has changed, and why? • Game animation is about making something look awesome! • No. Animation is making something ‘feel’ awesome. • The player has control, this is the great separation from film. • Player immersion from the interaction. • Responsiveness in the character • Prototyping animation for design Tips for designing great animation • Pace the move out. Give the animation room to breathe. Don’t try to fit too much in. • Make clear contacts. • If you have control of the camera this is a character in the scene. • Set-ups are just as important as the impact • Etc Tips for what the audience can look for now • Martial arts • How to dissect animation/film combat


  • Understanding the role of animation and design in developing fun gameplay
  • Tips on how to design a combat animation
  • Tips on creating readable combat animation.

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