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Freelance Games Journalist

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Will is a freelance games journalist. At almost 13 years into the job, he has by lines across The Guardian, Edge, Eurogamer, Kotaku UK, Vice Waypoint, IGN and others. He’s also found a niche covering games for the games industry. He stood as Develop magazine’s editor, and has contributed to GamesIndustry.biz, Pocketgamer.biz and MCV. He is currently editor of TheGamingEconomy. Will is also a game script editor, consultant, awards judge, events curator and researcher. Last year Will took home a champion’s trophy at the UK Yo-Yo Nationals… competing in the lowliest division possible.

Will Freeman is speaking at the following session/s

It’s Your IP. Keep It That Way

Creating original IP is hard. We all know that. But how you exploit it, value it, monetise it, and perhaps most importantly, how you protect it, are critical if you want to give your IP the best chance of success.  Come and hear from this expert panel - chaired by Will Freeman, who will share their advice and experiences of how to get the most out of your IP and keeping it safe along the way.  

Fireside Chat

Wednesday 10th July: 11.00 - 11.45 : Room 4

Having seen his latest game John Wick Hex enjoy a bounty of attention amidst the chaos and noise of E3, Mike will reflect on the experience of coupling the approach and mindset of indie development with the worlds of major licensed IP, large film companies and expos dominated by triple-A games. From the innovative ideas within John Wick Hex to its journey through the global spotlight, Mike will share exactly how the game came to be, and how he and the team seized the opportunity when it found itself enjoying a lot of attention.

Additional speakers

Creating Dreams with Media Molecule

Wednesday 10th July: 9.45 - 10.45 : Room 2

Media Molecule is known for innovation and originality in all their titles - as well as giving community the tools to become creators themselves. Dreams, the latest release from Media Molecule, takes UGC to the next level, giving community accessible game development tools and a platform to share and collaborate with a global community.  This fireside chat with the Mm directors will discuss the challenges of creating a tool that works both for a professional development studio and a newcomer to digital creation - and what happens when you open up the doors of creativity to everyone.
Interview by Will Freeman.

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