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Ulas Karademir is currently working as the Director of Core Technology and Operations for Unity. He leads several teams in Unity including core foundation, kernel, core systems, R&D operations, and building the future of Unity. Previously, he worked at Better Collective as Product Development Director and prior to that worked on award-winning AAA studio IO interactive as the technical producer for Hitman series and Glacier 2 game engine for several years. He is married and has 2 sons, living in Copenhagen since 2002.

Ulas Karademir  is speaking at the following session/s

Team Organisation, Culture, Leadership and Tools in an Area of Games-as-a-Service

Wednesday 11th July: 16.00 - 16.45 : Room 2

In this live fireside chat, three production veterans will share experiences and ideas around how Games-as-a-Service affects team organisation, leadership, culture, and tools. The panel will address challenges of distributed development, scaling large productions, and new challenges brought by developing for VR/AR.


  • Learn from experiences organising production and business for Gaming-as-a-Service.
  • Be inspired by trends in organisation and leadership to organise your teams for the future rather than the past.
  • Get best practices around building culture, managing distributed teams, and tools tips and tricks.

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