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Raimonda Jankunaite is an inspiring public speaker on business funding, entrepreneurship, women in technology and crowdfunding. Raimonda is able to do public speaking on: Crowdfunding and startup funding Entrepreneurship Women in business and Women in Tech Raimonda is an insightful business strategist, who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and businesses that create a positive social impact. She is a vocal supporter of women in business, and her focus for 2018 is to champion women in technology and innovation, and build connections between female entrepreneurs from across the globe, helping them to share knowledge, support and inspiration. Through her work as a business strategist and consultant at Allied Powers (2015- present), Raimonda has become a leading authority in finance and business funding. In 2015 she co-founded her own crowdfunding platform, Crowd Velocity. She now works as a mentor providing the support and training needed for a successful start-up, through her online training. As a business strategist, she helps clients raise funding for growth, prepare their funding pitch, and figure out strategy. She has recently launched a course on business planning, where she shares her strategies in how to plan and prepare your business for success. Having entered the technology industry by chance rather than design, Raimonda is passionate about encouraging more women in to the technology industry, and is a member of London (Global) Tech Advocates and sits on an advisory board for Wonder Women Tech events. She is also an Ambassador for the World Health Innovation Summit, for which she consults on the subject of crowdfunding.

Raimonda Jankunaite is speaking at the following session/s

Funding as a Journey - Sources of Funding You Need to Know About as Your Business Grows

This session is focused on covering various sources of funding, from grants, start-up loans, crowdfunding, to more professional and angel funding. At every stage of start-up lifecycle there will be different needs for finance and it is important to consider at which stage what funding is the most suitable and cost-effective. Taking into consideration risk factors and viability. There is many rumours about funding and this session will dispell some of those rumours and outline a clear and conscience approach to funding

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