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Oscar Clark is consultant specializing in project-based Executive Production. A pioneer in social games services since 1998, he was Vision Lead for British Telecom's Wireplay, one of the first online games communities, Global Lead for Digital Games at Hutchison Whampoa (3UK) and Home Architect for PlayStation®Home. He has an obsession with understanding the juxtaposition of game design, monetisation and social engagement and how to apply that to give games projects the best chance in the market whether that is PC, Console, or Online but particularly on Mobile. His ability to digest and communicate led to him becoming an Evangelist for Papaya Mobile, Applifier and Unity Technologies; and he has become one of the most connected people in games. As a consultant he looks at game design, monetization, business modelling, and social design. His first book, "Games As A Service - How Free To Play Design Can Make Better Games" was published by Focal Press and he is a contributing author for the "Mobile Developer's Guide To The Galaxy" published by www.enough.de. Oscar is also a mentor for GameFounders and an ambassador for the gamer's charity SpecialEffect (https://www.specialeffect.org.uk/)

Oscar Clark is speaking at the following session/s

Block-Chain Gaming - A Question of Design

Thursday 12th July: 12.15 - 13.00 Room 3

The latest phenomena impacting Games is the rise of the use of Block-Chain techniques and Crypto-Currencies. Building on his experience working on the design and monetization strategy for Reality Clash (www.RealityClash.com); Oscar will explore the design questions that every games developer considering working an ICO, and block-chain secured assets or platforms. This will explore the following: * Impact of Crypto-Currency on Game Funding * Use of Block-Chain technologies in Games * Adding gameplay through secured transactions * Common Design Problems.

You will learn to:

  • Be careful with the commitments in your ICO whitepaper
  • Treat your block-chain currency/tokens as an economy
  • Future proof your design choices

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