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Nathan Brown is Edge's editor. He also writes the column Big Picture Mode, which began life as a zoomed-out look at industry issues but has slowly morphed into a monthly cry for help from a struggling new parent. He can be found on Twitter at @nathan_brown.


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Opening Keynote: Shuhei Yoshida: Fireside Chat with the President of PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios

Tuesday 10th July: 9.45 - 10.45 : Room 2

We are honored to have this year’s Develop Industry Legend Award winner and the president of Worldwide Studios for Sony Interactive Entertainment Shuhei Yoshida share his perspective on his long career. Shu’s career at Sony started in the 80’s before joining the original PlayStation team nearly two years ahead of the launch of PS1. As Executive Producer, Shu oversaw the release of iconic games like Gran Turismo and in his management capacity has continued to deliver generation-defining games from Ico to The Last of Us. He was also involved in the launches of all the PlayStation platforms including the current PSVR.  During this fireside chat Shu will talk about the mission of managing the worldwide studios, and share his insight on Sony’s current successes. 

Interview by Edge Magazine's Nathan Brown.

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To Infinity and Beyond

Tuesday 9th July: 9.45 - 10.45 : Room 2

In 2016 a tiny indie team from the UK launched one of the most successful new IPs of this generation. No Man's Sky was an ambitious and highly anticipated title, releasing dramatically into an increasingly polarised and vocal gaming landscape.

Three years on from release, it is clearly a labour of love, with huge updates both deepening and expanding its infinite procedural universe. Now it is played by more people than ever, and has turned some of its most vocal detractors into passionate fans. It is one of modern-day game development’s great success stories.

At Develop, with the help of Edge editor Nathan Brown, Hello Games’ Sean Murray will offer a candid behind-the-scenes look at how No Man’s Sky was made, released and transformed – and what this modestly sized studio intends to do in future, once it has finished building a game the size of a universe.

Interview by Nathan Brown, Editor of Edge

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