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Game Workers Unite UK

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Kevin Agwaze is a AAA gameplay programmer and labour organizer. As the treasurer of the Game Workers Unite UK union and a Women in Games ambassador, he seeks to improve working conditions and inclusivity across the industry.

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Let's Talk Union 101 with Game Workers Unite UK

Thursday 11th July: 12.15 - 13.00 : Room 7

Since the foundation of Game Workers Unite, working conditions and unionisation were a key topic of debate. In the wake of this talking about the labour practices at some of the most prestigious game developers, whether it be the culture of crunch at Rockstar or sexism at Riot Games, has become the norm. Game Workers Unite UK, the first union for video game workers in the UK, intends to answer any questions you might have about the budding effort to build a unionized game industry.

The roundtable will start off with a super short introduction to unionization and collectively answer some common questions.

Where do workers have power in their workplace? 

What kinds of unions are there? 

How do they operate? 

After that, we'll kick off a discussion that asks you to share your experiences, questions, and concerns.

This will be a group discussion about what it would mean to unionize in games, how that fixes some things, what can't be fixed by unionization alone, etc. 

What are the core issues that game workers face?

  • As the leader, you set the tone: How do you know you're doing it right? 
  • The bigger picture: Everything you lay down now affects the future
  • How do you plan for success? 

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