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Glenn Fiedler is a 20-year veteran of AAA game development having worked on titles such as Titanfall 1&2, God of War: Ascension, Journey, L.A. Noire, God of War 3 and Freedom Force. He also blogs at

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Making the Internet Better for Games in Europe

Wednesday 10th July: 17.00 - 17.45 : Room 4

Game latency and consistent performance present real challenges for European developers of online multiplayer games. The internet is not optimized for games, leading to inconsistent performance from one day to the next. The end result is player frustration, an unhappy community, and more churn. The big question is, how do game developers solve this? What works and what doesn’t? Network Next is working on a solution that steers game traffic across private networks that are more performant and less congested than the public internet. They are already working with global suppliers in the US and more recently, UK/Europe, as well as researching new solutions such as 5G and LEO satellites.

  • Finding a solution for internet latency and consistency
  • Helping create a better service in the UK/Europe
  • Helping developers improve the performance of their online games

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