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Authentic Media helps with financing film, TV, and video game projects. We provide business development consultancy services to various financiers and developers and help a wide variety of organisations find the finance they need, including via SEIS/ EIS investments, games tax credit and R&D claims, and bank facilities such as overdrafts and loans.

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Seismic Changes to the SEIS/EIS Regime and Their Implications to You

Thursday 12th July: 11.15 - 12.00 : Room 1

If you are looking to raise investment in your business, you will most likely be considering the numerous benefits of the SEIS and EIS arrangements. Such benefits can include various generous tax reliefs to investors who buy shares inappropriately qualifying businesses.

On March 15th, the Finance Act 2018 introduced certain changes to the SEIS/EIS rules, some of which will impact a number of games businesses seeking to raise investment using these methods. 

Crucially, companies issuing any new SEIS/EIS based shares after this date will need to ensure that they still qualify under these new rules, or risk any tax benefits being restricted or even clawed back.

This session will explore some of the key rule changes, some of the potential impacts and a few potential strategies that might help you out.

TAKEAWAY: Attendees can expect to get a broad understanding of the changes to the SEIS/ EIS rules and some ideas about how to address these moving forward.

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