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Nina Adams has had an eclectic and varied career path. From studying marketing at university, through to (literally) running away with the circus, Nina stumbled into Auroch Digital three years ago as the Office Manager. After almost streamlining herself out of the job, she quickly developed the skills to take on production management and has been successfully leading projects ever since.

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How to Make People Love You, Or at Least Love Working With You

Wednesday 11th July: 14.00 - 14.45 Room 1

In an industry where your team is your strength or weakness, this talk will cover how to create a positive company culture, a work environment where your employees want to be, and more importantly where they want to give you their best. Taking a look at examples from other companies, industries, and cultures, this talk will reflect on how to successfully manage company morale, how to attract the right staff and one of the most important topics: how to retain talent.

Game development is a fast-evolving industry, with younger generations having more input into the way it's shaped. Recruitment for talented staff, especially for smaller studios without big budgets, is becoming challenging, so companies need to look at other ways of attracting new talent. With a national average of 25 - 30 year olds staying in jobs for only 2-3 years, you also need to look at new ways to hold on to your staff.

And to help you walk the fine line between "domineering boss and push over", Nina will also be talking about how to nip damaging behaviour in the bud and how to work with your team to get to the root of why it's happening.


  • Advice and tips on how to make your company the best place to work and make sure your employees never leave you.
  • Create and maintain a positive company culture

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