Michael Hampden

Sony London Studio

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Michael Hampden is a veteran Game Designer with over 14 years experience in the industry. Michael has worked with major AAA studios, such as EA, Ubisoft, and most recently Sony Interactive Entertainment's London Studio. Michael has released several games over the course of his career, including critically acclaimed titles like Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and Assassin's Creed: Rogue. Michael was also a Lead Designer on Playstation VR Worlds, the best-selling launch title for Playstation VR. Currently, Michael is a Lead Designer on the recently announced and highly anticipated VR title, "Blood & Truth", developed by the talented team at Sony London Studio. Michael also serves as a VR & Technology Mentor for Yacht Retail Startup: SW Interactive. Since first experiencing VR in 2013, Michael has been fascinated with the experiences only possible in VR, and enjoys the challenge of designing games on the leading edge of technology.

Michael Hampden is speaking at the following session/s

VR Evolution: Learnings and Strategies for Designing AAA VR Games

Tuesday 10th July: 11.00 - 11.45 : Room 6

In this session, Michael will share his experience gained from years of designing on AAA VR titles like: PlayStation VR Worlds, and Blood & Truth.

* The Challenges of Designing for a New Medium 

* Popular trends in the first generation of VR games since VR's rebirth 

* The Future of VR Software and the possibilities for emerging genres

* 10 things every VR Developer needs to know. 

* Feature development and how development priorities need to change when developing in VR.


- How a Game Designer's approach has to change when designing in VR

- Traditional Player Expectations Vs. Player Expectations in VR

- Strategies for opening up your game to new players, audiences, and VR veterans



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