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Jennifer Manson is COO of Fathom, a blockchain based liveops and analytics platform for games and apps. Originally a hi-tech coder and technical communicator, she founded and built two successful businesses before entering the games industry as producer at Exient in 2016. From there she became part of the team that founded Fathom (originally GaasWorks). Jennifer is an author and ex-freelance journalist who has worked with numerous experts in various fields to write books. She has extensive experience leading teams - both employees and outsourced experts/consultants - as well as getting the best out of talented individuals in challenging situations.

Jennifer Manson is speaking at the following session/s

Leadership in a collaborative marketplace - cryptocurrencies’ new business models

Wednesday 11th July: 14.00 - 14.45 : Room 6

Cryptocurrencies’ new model of finance gives us a new model for business - a flow of increasing value that allows for expansion in place of competition.


With reference to personal experience leading talented individuals and teams to deliver completed projects, and including specific, immediately actionable strategies, this talk covers:

-Optimally effective individuals

-Optimally effective teams

-Expanding resources replacing zero-sum thinking

-The dual leadership model

-Mechanics of collaborative markets


-Harnessing individual talents

-Creating an integrated team

-Generating increasing value

-Communicating collaborative vision

-Leading through challenges

-Delivering on the promise

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