Marcella de Bie

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For three years, Marcella ‘Nysira' de Bie has swept the e-Sports industry.After being partnered almost immediately after joining, Marcella has been a strong and regular face on Twitch. Thirty-nine thousand followers later, Marcella has grown much beyond simply a Twitch streamer.Marcella has been a common face on many large-scale e-Sports events. Hosting the stage on impressive e-Sports programmes such as “The Road to Blizzcon”, EGX, Insomina 58, Dreamhack and being invited for presence at Blizzcon and IEM Katowice, there is no doubt about her passion for the gaming industry.But Marcella does not end there. Having studied for a degree in Photography while younger, Marcella has taken this talent and began creating her own YouTube e-Series: Car Experiences with Nysira.An excited trek through the world of cars, Marcella takes the viewer on a journey to experience their dream cars, and the videos proved popular. Within a few weeks, the pilot video on the Tesla Model S gathered an impressive twenty-two thousand views.Marcella's passion for cars is infectious, and with talks on going with several dealers, the future promises many more great videos!Marcella is a globe trotter having taken a massive one hundred and thirty-nine flights in a little over a year and a half. Her diverse skill set and likeability has meant that she has been invited to star or part take in several projects, including many radio shows in the Netherlands, hosting Ginx TV in the United Kingdom, becoming a part of one of the largest gaming content networks: The Yogscast and having close relationships with the biggest game developers.Marcella has shown that if you have enough passion, you can make anything happen. With so many amazing experiences, Marcella will only continue to grow and remain on people's screens for years to come.

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