Free childcare for Develop conference delegates

We understand that being a game maker and a parent are not mutually exclusive, so we want to make sure that Develop:Brighton is accessible to parents. This year we are offering a free Creche run by Nipperbout for 2 – 10 year olds.

Opening times:

Tues Morning:    09:00 to 13:00

Tues Afternoon:  13:45 to 16:00

Weds Morning:   09:30 to 13:00

Weds Afternoon: 13:45 to 16:00

Thurs Morning:    09:45 to 13:15

Thurs Afternoon: 13:45 to 16:00

Please note: As there are a limited number of places available, priority will be given to paying conference delegates and single parents attending with children. Closed at lunchtime.

Booking Information

If you haven’t used Nipperbout before:

  1. Select Register to create an account.
  2. Input your name, email address and this event code for Develop:Brighton: 
  3. Create and confirm a password
  4. Enter your details in "My info"
  5. Enter your child's details in "My Children"
  6. Go to Events, input the event code again (TDB120722) 
  7. Select the sessions you need childcare for and submit.


Do bear in mind that looking after children is Nipperbout's area of expertise not websites, so the booking system isn't the most up-to-date!

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