Posted: 21st October 2021
Hear from Jenny Muhlwa - Learning and Development Manager.

March 2020 feels like a lifetime ago - but if the onset of remote working felt stressful for you - just imagine what it was like for those responsible for making seismic decisions that impacted entire workforces.

Jenny Muhlwa joined Sumo Digital at the beginning of 2020 as Learning and Development Manager across its 10 international studios - just months before the company was faced with sending its workforce home. 

Teams that traditionally worked side-by-side, were sent home to work in relative isolation - and it was very important that Sumo’s teams continued to feel connected, developed and nurtured - key factors in their ability to create incredible products that inspire a sense of wonder.

In her Develop:Brighton session, "Creating a Thriving Work Culture in a Remote World" Jenny lifts the lid on how Sumo Digital quickly adapted to the fast moving, unexpected environment - and found itself turning to technology in new areas, like company culture and social learning. Through the session, she’ll share the key learnings and experience from 18 months of unprecedented change. 

Sumo Digital came through the long months of lockdown with an impressive accolade - being recognised as one of the Top 100 Large Companies to work for in the UK - in the annual Best Companies list - recognising the business for opportunities offered to staff, and its work culture. 

With a decade of experience in staff development from well-known companies including Wilko and Unipart - Jenny has found life at Sumo Digital different, but incredibly rewarding. 

“Life at a game dev is very different to other places I have worked - in retail, I found we had lots of people with very similar skills sets, but here at Sumo people have a very diverse range of skills and experience - but they are incredibly passionate about learning and development.  We managed to create a thriving work culture remotely because everyone embraced the changes, and were united with trust and togetherness.” 

Hear more from Jenny at Creating a Thriving Work Culture in a Remote World in Room 5 on Wednesday, 27th October from 12:00-12:45. 

Tickets for Develop:Brighton are on sale now.  Both in-person and online passes are available.

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