Posted: 21st October 2021
Talenthouse Media Foundry launches at Develop:Brighton

With more than 30 years of experience in the games industry, Mike Gamble has seen plenty of hits, misses and maybes throughout his career.  Fresh from his stint at Epic Games - where he was the European Head of Unreal Engine, he will reveal his new venture at this year’s Develop:Brighton - which he describes as “middleware - but with people.”  Talenthouse Media Foundry is an extension of the global Talenthouse group’s work in other media areas - including film, tv and books. 

Talenthouse Media Foundry will enable indie developers to call upon the expertise of industry specialists through a suite of services, including biz dev, marketing and PR for a monthly fee - letting them focus on creating their best game possible.

In his session “There’s a New Way to Develop and Thrive” - in Room 1 on Wednesday, 27th October from noon, the former European Head of Unreal Engine for Epic Games is calling upon indie developers to rethink how they create and take their games to market.

Mike believes too many indie developers are still not focusing on the issue of discoverability: 

“It remains perhaps the biggest problem for independent developers.  The number of games released has been a problem for years, and there’s no magic bullet.  An effective marketing campaign is an important part of solving that discovery issue by lessening the impact.” 

While at Epic - Mike was talking to key industry partners about how they could support indie developers - those often forgoing the really important stuff that most creatives find boring: 

“It’s heartbreaking when meeting studios that put everything into developing a game - mortgaging houses, putting their lives on the line, making a hell of a bet on their new game. We want to even the odds and give them the best chance of succeeding.” 

Talenthouse Media Foundry will offer indie game devs a suite of services that provides access to the skills they don’t have internally - which have often seen great games fail.  

In his session, Mike will share his thoughts on a long forgotten indie title he really hoped would succeed - but failed for several reasons 

“It was an incredible indie game developed by really smart people, it had a lovely mechanic and got great views.  This was a game that should have done really well - but they did no marketing, had put no budget aside and didn’t even consider it necessary  - it literally disappeared. Just one game in a thousand might break through without marketing.” 

Join Mike for There’s a New Way to Develop and Thrive in Room 1 on Wednesday, 27th October from 12:00-12:45 to find out more about Talenthouse Media Foundry. 

Tickets for Develop:Brighton are on sale now.  Both in-person and online passes are available. 

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