Develop Brighton, 14-16 July 2015

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The ever popular Indie Dev Day returns for the fifth year in 2015. It’s a day-long conference track with networking events taking place on Thursday 16 July, designed specifically for established independent studios, new start-ups, developers teetering on the brink of becoming an indie, freelance developers and students.


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And as part of the Indie Dev focus, we’re also running The Indie Showcase from 15 - 16 July in the Develop Expo – which will feature 10 independently developed games unpublished by a third party, shortlisted by a panel of experts. Delegates will have the chance to play all the games on display, and one of these games will go on to be judged overall Indie Showcase winner by our panel. All delegates will have a chance to vote for their favourite game in the Showcase via a "People's Choice" ballot at the event.


Winners of the Indie Dev Showcase 2014 sponsored by Unity:

OVERALL WINNER: SwapQuest (Android), Rebusmind
Play as Prince Wilbert or Princess Wilma to find the holy sword Sturmwind in order to defend the kingdom from the Evil Horde that has invaded the land.

4PM is an experiential, narrative driven game that explores the subconscious and the complexities of human relationships. It is a short, intense thriller trying to engage people in a new way.

EDITOR'S CHOICE WINNER: Darklings (iPhone), MildMania
Darklings is an epic endless adventure through magical worlds. Lum, face of light, tries to save the world by purging the darklings and retrieve the stars. Play as the face of light, Lum, only piece of hope left on the universe, and purge all the Darklings to their pits, and begin to save the world!


Indie Boot Camp 15 July - free sessions for Indie start-ups and wannabes
Knowing you want to make great games is one thing. Knowing how to go about it is another. Setting up as an indie developer may be your first step on the ladder to breaking through to the big league, but how easy is it and what does it take to really succeed? Whether you want to be the next Supercell or you're simply looking to pay your rent with your passion for games, you'll do yourself a big favour by finding out how to structure and fund your company properly, avoid the common pitfalls that befall indie studios, and make the right choices when it comes to monetization or pitching to publishers. Join us to hear straight talking from successful indie developers about how they started, what worked for them, and what mistakes they made – so you can avoid repeating them!

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