Develop Brighton, 14-16 July 2015

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Call for Speaker Submissions

Deadline 19 March 2015


The Evolve, Indie and Develop: Brighton conferences are all about bringing the European development community together to share ideas and learn from each other. If you have an idea for a presentation, we'd like to invite you to submit your proposal by following the guidelines below and completing the submission form no later than
19 March 2015.

Please keep the following in mind when you submit your proposal:

  • The conference focuses on offering delegates practical advice, best practise guidance and inspiration so they can take something of real value back to the studio. So we ask every speaker to provide a "Take Away" statement that clearly summarises what a delegate can expect to get out of the session.
  • The proposed outline you submit now must match the presentation you give at the Evolve, Indie or Develop: Brighton conferences
  • Preparation is vital if you are to deliver the high-quality presentation attendees deserve
  • We do not accept sales pitches - if you would like to promote your company, service or product to our visitors in a talk, then there are sponsored sessions available for purchase please contact Andy Lane:

Ideas for Talks

Based on feedback from our delegates, here are the hot topics they'd like to hear talks on:

  • Discoverability/Visibility in a crowded marketplace
  • Marketing and PR
  • Funding
  • Games as a Service
  • Team Management
  • Running a Successful Business
  • Pricing
  • Monetisation/Getting Games to Pay
  • Developing for Free2Play
  • Developing for VR and AR
  • Best practise advice in all disciplines
  • Case studies of successful game development
  • Case studies of lessons learned

Conference Tracks (Your submission must fit into one of these)

Art – to inspire artists and creatives across the whole spectrum of game development
Audio – for anyone involved in sound or music and games
BootCamp - covers the basics for start-ups or anyone interested in setting up a studio for the first time
Business – tackles the commercial issues of game development
Coding – a focus on the technical side of game development aimed at programmers of all levels
Design – aimed at anyone interested in game design issues or case studies
Evolve – game development for new platforms, new markets and new technologies
Indie - tackles issues and challenges facing independent developers during their first few years
Marketing - to guide developers through the ever-changing world of discovery, marketing and PR
Production – aimed at management and game producers facing modern production challenges

Presentation Formats

Please see below a description of the different formats your presentation could take - select the one you feel is most appropriate for the content of your talk. These formats can be applied to any Track.

Duration: 45 mins
Lecture sessions should be issue-based, provide concrete examples or case studies and may contain both practical and theoretical information. There is normally only one speaker, however if you can demonstrate that another speaker is necessary or of value then we will accept more than one. Please include time for for Q & A within your time slot.

Duration: 45 mins
Panel sessions are a forum for debate, where many different viewpoints are aired on a single topic or issue. When you submit a panel session you will be responsible for proposing appropriate panellists. If your session is selected we'll work with you to confirm the final panel. Audience participation should be encouraged in panel sessions. We recommend a maximum of 4 panellists plus a chairperson. Panellists need to be approved by the Develop: Brighton Team.

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