Call for Speaker Submissions

Speaker Submissions are now closed.

if you have a query about your submission please contact Susan Marshall:


The Evolve and Develop in Brighton conferences are all about bringing the European development community together to share ideas and learn from each other. If you have an idea for a presentation, we'd like to invite you to submit your proposal by following the guidelines below and completing the submission form no later than 7 March 2014.

Please keep the following in mind when you submit your proposal:

  • The conference focuses on offering delegates practical advice and inspiration so they can take something of real value back to the studio. So we ask every speaker to provide a "Take Away" statement that clearly summarises what a delegate can expect to get out of the session.
  • The proposed outline you submit now must match the presentation you give at the Evolve or Develop in Brighton conferences
  • Preparation is vital if you are to deliver the high-quality presentation attendees deserve

Ideas for Talks

Here are some ideas for talks based on hot topics and issues facing developers this year:

  • From Steam Machines to a rumoured Amazon games console – how should developers tackle the proliferation of PC platforms?
  • Virtual Reality: Back from the dead. What should games deliver with Oculus Rift and the other new VR headsets that we couldn't imagine 20 years ago?
  • Game design by spreadsheet: How much should analytics and monetization be allowed to dominate the decades-old craft of creating addictive gameplay?
  • Making PlayStation 4 and Xbox One earn their keep in 2014 and beyond (this isn't your grandfather's competitive landscape!)
  • Second chance for second screens: Can we make companion apps essential rather than add-ons?
  • Harvesting the hardcore: Making free-to-play, Paymium, and the other new monetization methods work for traditional gamers
  • Is Indie a dead end? Taking your start-up studio to the next level in today's winner-takes-all market (when you haven't just released the next Clash of Clans…)
  • Never let them go: From the first six-seconds to the first six-months, how to acquire an audience and keep it coming back for more
  • Fail club: What did you do wrong, and why didn't it work? Let's learn from our mistakes?
  • We're all TV broadcasters now: Can developers make Ustream and Twitch streaming integral to game design as it becomes more integrated with the consoles?
  • Self-publishing or self-harm – Has ditching the publisher led to greater freedom and independence for developers, or simply less sleep, lower sales, and little profit?
  • What's in your water? Why is Scandinavia knocking it out of the park? Does Korea still lead in monetization innovation? We want to hear from developers around the world!

Conference Tracks (Your submission must fit into one of these)

Art – to inspire artists and creatives across the whole spectrum of game development
Audio – for anyone involved in sound or music and games
Business – tackles the commercial issues of game development
Coding – a focus on the technical side of game development aimed at programmers of all levels
Design – aimed at anyone interested in game design issues or case studies
Evolve – game development for new platforms, new markets and new technologies
Indie - tackles issues and challenges facing independent developers
Marketing - to guide developers through the ever-changing world of discovery, marketing and PR
Production – aimed at management and game producers facing modern production challenges

Presentation Formats

Please see below a description of the different formats your presentation could take - select the one you feel is most appropriate for the content of your talk. These formats can be applied to any Track.

Duration: 45 mins
Lecture sessions should be issue-based, provide concrete examples or case studies and may contain both practical and theoretical information. There is normally only one speaker, however if you can demonstrate that another speaker is necessary or of value then we will accept more than one. Please include time for for Q & A within your time slot.

Duration: 45 mins
Panel sessions are a forum for debate, where many different viewpoints are aired on a single topic or issue. When you submit a panel session you will be responsible for proposing appropriate panellists. If your session is selected we'll work with you to confirm the final panel. Audience participation should be encouraged in panel sessions. We recommend a maximum of 4 panellists plus a chairperson.


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