11 - 13 July 2017

Develop Brighton


Free Indie Boot Camp Sessions

An afternoon of free sessions on Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 July for students, start-ups, and anyone else looking to be the next big thing! Join us to hear straight talking from successful indie developers about how they started, what worked for them, and what mistakes they made – so you can avoid repeating them.

Indie Bootcamp
    Room 1
    Watch as an indie developer rips apart a game he spent 3 years creating without writing a single line of code. Gasp in shock as he digs into the errors made in its creation, marketing and subsequent r ...
    Room 1
    Game Development remains an industry with an abundance of employees from all sorts of other industries and backgrounds. A lot of indie developer teams are made up of industry experts, and former membe ...
    Room 1
    Running a micro-studio is hard work. Many issues will trip you up and eat precious time and money, but with hindsight most are easy to avoid. This talk will tell you the lessons we learned and show yo ...
    Room 1
    Join Josh as he reflects on his journey from hobbyist to head of an established indie team, via: Kickstarter, Early Access, releasing a game, getting an office, continued post-release support. What we ...
    Room 1
    Over the past few years, getting noticed as an indie game developer has become increasingly hard work. Despite the existence of excellent guides on how to contact the press, how to construct a media k ...
    Room 1
    What is the British Games Institute? Discover why TIGA, UKIE & nearly 500 studios are backing the call for a new agency to fund UK games
    Room 1
    Discover 5 key components to get your indie game discovered: audience, assets, community, influencers and advertising. 
    Room 1
    A live videogame experience where everyone gets to be a part of the action.  As eager audience members, you will have the chance to become human buttons, take on the Power Rangers, zap each other with ...
    Room 1
    Building scalable content is time-consuming, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Find out how Amazon Lumberyard simplifies the process with cascading prefabs, or what we call Slices. Using our new sam ...
    Room 1
    With the introduction of Shogun, Vicon has enabled Virtual Productions to be fully realised in realtime. As part of this talk we will run a mini shoot on our booth and then the workshop will show the ...
    Room 1
    Want players and the games industry to pay attention to an issue you care about? Wellcome’s Toni Brasting is hosting a discussion with several games studios on creating games which tackle serious topi ...
    Room 1
    One of our free to attend Indie BootCamp sessions, Publisher's Pitch turns the normal pitch situation on its head – instead of game developers pitching to publishers, we’ve asked four publishers to pi ...
    Room 1

    Tips and tricks to get an internship in the games industry will help students avoid classic mistakes and give them a head start

    Room 1
    When working in small teams, time is tight and everyone has to pitch in for tasks that may not be their specialty with marketing often being sidelined until the end of development. In a time where gai ...
    Room 1
    Whether it’s funding, mentoring or business advice you’re after, this session will talk to some of the industry’s key stakeholders and explore the different ways in which the industry is working toget ...


  • Being here gives me a lot of energy - and I’m sure a lot of other people too, to keep going. And I hope I can be here again in maybe 10, 20, 30 years!
    Hideo Kojima
    Kojima Productions
  • I love coming to Develop:Brighton – it’s a great chance to network, tell people what you’re up to, have meetings, do business deals.. also finding some great talks and great information from some of the best speakers around. It’s a regular thing I come to every year and I can’t imagine not coming.
    Patrick O’Luanaigh
    CEO, nDreams
  • It’s not just about the great talks, but it’s about bringing together the whole community, it’s the networking – it’s just amazing, we love it!
    Aj Grand-Scrutton
    Co-founder, Dlala Studios
  • The quality of the attendees is very high – lots of interesting folks asking some great questions and there are some sweet names who are presenting.
    Luke Krane
    Head of Games, Kickstarter
  • It’s key to have UK events like this that allow the coming together of developers, sharing of knowledge, networking, deals to be struck and fun to be had!
    Sam Watts
    Operations Lead, Make Real
  • I think really it’s important for developers to get together at events like Develop, share war stories and learn from one another.
    Robin Hunicke
    Co-founder, Funomena
  • I know a lot of people who’ve come to Develop for the networking opportunities, to speak to each other and to give support to each other… just hearing other people’s ideas can help spark inspiration.
    Kate Russell
    Journalist, Reporter and Writer
  • Develop is a very important place – it’s one of the few developer focused conferences we have in Europe and that makes it very valuable.
    Rami Ismail


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Suggestions Box

We'd love to hear any suggestions you have for this year's Develop:Brighton - who you'd like to hear talk, ideas for sessions, anything at all you'd like to tell us that will make the event better for you!